Scandal: “Where’s The Black Lady?” This and Other Questions



First, hi!

It’s been months since I’ve posted anything on Another TV Blog. Lately, I’ve been finding it hard to blog because I recently got a new job, moved to a new city, and bought a new shade of MAC lipstick. Changes are hard.

But I’ve found time for Olivia Pope and company, and last night’s episode of “Scandal” prompted some valid questions. And I haz answers—because I know everything:



Question: It’s the episode’s title, yes, but seriously, where’s the black lady (Olivia)?
Who’s asking: Gladiators. Also, the fabulous Marla Gibbs (pictured above with Baby Huck).
Answer: When the episode ended, the black lady was on a jet with Ian (!) heading to … well we don’t know where to yet. But we do know that a) she and Ian have come up with a plan to “sell” her to the highest bidder (which doesn’t sit well with my spirit, because slavery, but we won’t go there), and b) someone obviously provided Liv with some conditioner and a flat iron because her hair was on fleek.

Question: Who will be Olivia’s highest bidder?
Who’s asking: Those who are ready to make it rain in order to bring Liv back.
Answer: Papa Pope. He’s smart enough and gully enough to take on Vice President Nichols and his goons to make that happen—and he won’t even break a sweat.

Question: Speaking of Vice President Nichols, WTF?! Why did he stage a coup to take over the White House?
Who’s asking: Everyone who isn’t terrible.
Answer: Nichols probably forgot to drink his coffee one morning and shit just continued to go downhill from there.

Question: So does this mean that Fitz is now Nichols’ puppet?
Who’s asking: Gladiators who strongly dislike Fitz.
Answer: Not really. More like his bitch.

Question: Is it weird that I found Tom super hot in that orange jumpsuit? I mean, he is in jail for killing the president’s son and all, but still…
Who’s asking: Me (specifically, the very single side of me).
Answer: No it’s perfectly fine. #PrisonBae



Question: Mellie used her good good to get what she wanted (Nichols’ cell phone to give to Huck and ‘em so that they can find Liv). Is this OK?
Who’s asking: Someone on Twitter, probably.
Answer: I have been known to flirt with Chipotle employees to get free burrito bowls. That is my answer.

Question: Has “Scandal” turned into the “Olivia Pope Show”? Why are we sooo focused on saving Liv and blah blah blah?
Who’s asking: Those who deserve all of my side eyes.
Answer: Uhh, it’s basically always been the “Olivia Pope Show.” I’ma need you to stop vacationing in Hatersville.

Here’s one question that still needs answering: Will Olivia be saved? Considering that Kerry Washington is the star of the show, I’m going to answer with this: Obviously.


The Walking Dead: What Does Bob Taste Like?


During the final moments of The Walking Dead’s October 19 episode, “Strangers,” Terminus cannibalistic leader Gareth and part of his equally cannibalistic crew returned. (Yeah, they’re alive. Ugh.) And they clearly brought their appetite—so much so that they clubbed poor Bob, dragged him in the middle of the woods, cut off his leg and barbecued it. And then Gareth proceeded to eat a piece of Bob’s leg right in front of Bob’s face.

Excuse me. I have to vomit.

OK, I’m back.

As grossed out as I was while watching that moment, I couldn’t help but wonder one thing: What does Bob’s leg taste like? Then, to my amusement, the hashtag #WhatBobTastesLike started, and Black Twitter officially had no chill.

Source: AMC

Source: AMC

So, with the help of Twitter, let’s speculate about what Bob tastes like:

The Applebee’s Jack Daniels ribs.

A dream deferred.

The meat at Dollar Tree or Big Lots.

Martin’s mama’s biscuits.


Filet of sole. (I see what they did there.)

Christian Brothers and saltine crackers.

Fried Spam and Old English.

Tear-soaked kisses.

The last slice of bologna that gets hard around the edges.

Candy cigarettes.

Grits … and guilt.

Premature optimism steak.

Desperation. And sadness.

Bacon. Of course.

And, obviously, Bob’s Burgers.

Whatever Bob tastes like, he probably goes well with cornbread and sweet tea. Someone tell the survivors of Terminus that before they sauté another part of Bob.


Source: AMC

Source: AMC, via

An Ode to David Rosen’s Hotness

During last Thursday’s “Scandal” episode, I tweeted this about the show’s character David Rosen, who’s played by Joshua Malina:



Then this happened:

Source: twitter/joshmalina

Source: twitter/joshmalina

You know what this means, right? Yep, Joshua and I are basically married now. I knew he always wanted me.

OK, we’re not actually married because he’s married to someone else (sigh), and, you know, there are laws against polygamy and whatnot.

But David Rosen isn’t married. Yet. So for the sake of this post and my sanity, I’m going to pretend that David Rosen is a real person who is capable of real things, like marrying a certain TV blogger from Ohio. Let’s explore his hotness in GIFs, shall we?

Source: ABC, via

Yep, and you wear it oh so well.

Source: ABC, via

He’s talking about me. Obviously.

Source: ABC, via


Source: ABC, via Jezebel

I’m hoping “to stab” is a metaphor for “cuddling.”

Source: ABC, via


Source: ABC, via

That’s because we’re lovers.

Source: ABC, via Tumblr

Shut up, Liv. You are okay because David Rosen has blessed you with his presence.

Source: ABC, via



9 Side Eye-iest Moments From That Bizarre Saved By the Bell Movie

Source: Lifetime

Source: Lifetime

Like most children of the ‘90s, I grew up watching “Saved By the Bell.” It was a necessary part of life, so much so that I tried to mimic Lisa Turtle’s hair and outfits (yes, tried—and subsequently failed), developed crushes on any boy that remotely looked like Zack Morris (read: they had blond hair) or A.C. Slater (read: they were Latino), and vowed never to succumb to the evils of caffeine pills.

So when Lifetime TV announced a few months ago that it would air the movie The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, I let my inner 9-year-old self out, squealed, and literally marked my calendar with a red pen for the movie’s premiere. I also told all family and friends to not call or text or communicate with me in any way on Labor Day between 9 and 11 o’clock Eastern Standard Time, or they will get stabbed.

For realsies.

Then the movie finally debuted. And after all the hype and patiently waiting and threatening to physically harm certain people, I wanted to personally call—not email, not send a letter, call—Lifetime and demand an explanation for that movie, because, even though I had low expectations, what I saw was nothing short of a hot mess.

Here are 9 moments from Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story that got a healthy dose of side eye:

1. There was virtually no drama. I expected a fun, lively, juicier than juicy tell-all with this movie, something akin to a cast member sleeping with an NBC executive, catching syphilis, then later developing a cocaine habit to ease the pain. Nope. Didn’t happen.

The juiciest we got were the various times Dustin Diamond (Screech) drank vodka from a flask before being videotaped smoking weed by his “friend” Eric (see No. 2) who later blackmailed Dustin into giving him a part on “Saved by the Bell.” Heck, they barely showed Lark Voorhies (Lisa) and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack) kissing.

Basically, the entire movie was cheesy and hackneyed, even for Lifetime. Right now, the Saved-by-the-Bell-movie concept needs to be picked up by HBO so that fans can get the real lurid details on what happened behind the scenes of the show. But what if “Saved by the Bell” isn’t as scandalous as we’d like it to be? If so, that’s unfortunate.

2. Eric. Eric was the guy who randomly popped up and turned Dustin onto the hard life of booze in a flask and marijuana. But, really, who is/was this Eric? Where’d he come from? Gabourey Sidibe is convinced that “Eric” is basically the movie’s version of Tyler Durden from Fight Club. She gets it.

3. Mark-Paul and Lark’s romance. If you can call it that. What exactly was it? Did they began “dating” right away after meeting each other? Did they call each other “girlfriend” and “boyfriend”? Did they ever hang out in public as a couple? Did Lark ever accept any of Mark-Paul’s gifts even though she was a Jehovah’s Witness? Was the relationship ever consummated? Are Lark and Mark-Paul friends today? This is too much.

4. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (Kelly) goes from “Tiffani-Amber” to just “Tiffani” back to “Tiffany-Amber.” Because ‘80s teen actors. Also, she’s back to just Tiffani again. ‘Kay.

5. The hair … and eyebrows. Take a look:

Source: Lifetime

Source: Lifetime

Sigh. Also, Mark-Paul, who is not a natural blonde, touched up his roots himself. Who knew?

Source: Lifetime, via MTV

Source: Lifetime, via MTV

6. Dustin punched a guy because the guy called Dustin “Screech.” The guy got a bloodied nose and everything from Dustin. Allegedly. I have a hard time believing that a teenaged Dustin Diamond could beat up anybody, so I’m going to pretend that that never happened. Probably because it didn’t.

7. Dustin made a “that’s what she said” joke. Wait, what? Yes, the phrase was popularized in the early ‘90s—but by Mike Myers in the movie Wayne’s World. And the phrase got even more popular after it was used in a March 2005 episode of the U.S. version of The Office. You tried it though, Dustin.

8. Mario Lopez (Slater) does push-ups randomly in the middle of a photo shoot. Seriously, who does that? Apparently Mario Lopez.

9. The caffeine pill reenactment. The main reason I planned to watch The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story was to get the inside scoop of the famous Jessie-is-addicted-to-caffeine-pills scene. Unfortunately, the scene was played out all kinds of wrong in the movie that it made me give a side eye so massive that I lost my eyesight for a good 12 seconds.

True story.

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

The Scene From ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ That Makes Me Happy

As with most humans of the world, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Robin Williams is gone.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

I always assumed Robin would live to be somewhere around 98 years old and die from a heart attack by doing some weird wacky comedic dance onstage in front of a packed theater. But, alas, that is not that case.

I won’t go into detail about Robin’s death because you probably already know those things, nor will I suddenly become an expert on depression and mental illness. And I definitely will not get into the never-ending debate on whether suicide is a selfish act or not. What I will do, though, is share one of my favorite moments of Robin from one of my favorite movies, Mrs. Doubtfire.

The last time I saw Mrs. Doubtfire was on CMT (basic cable) a few months ago. The movie, like always, brought on a wave of nostalgia, transporting me back to the sixth grade in 1993 (ETA: I realize I’ve let my true age slip; ugh).

After seeing the film for the first time, I developed a tiny crush on Pierce Brosnan (though most of my female classmates were checking for Matthew Lawrence), thought Sally Field had the best facial expressions of any movie actress, and understood that sometimes divorce is necessary. Basically I was 12 going on 40 and I was OK with that.

And there’s one moment in the movie that has always stuck out to me: The voices scene.

I was (and still am) amazed at how comically diverse Robin was in just that one moment. The scene is less than a minute, but through his voice and actions, Robin gives us impressions of a bevy of random characters, from Ronald Reagan to a hot dog. Yes, a hot dog.


20th Century Fox

That scene is both hilarious and charming, and shows us in around 58 seconds that Robin was not only a comedic genius, but also a great actor.

Most will remember Robin for being a funny man who played a wide range of film and TV characters, from Mork in Mork & Mindy, to Peter Pan in Hook, to Genie in Aladdin, to Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting, to Alan Parrish in Jumanji, to his most recent TV role in The Crazy Ones as Simon Roberts.

But I’ll always remember Robin Williams for this one scene—because it makes me happy to see Robin happy.