About Tiffany


Tiffany Luckey is a writer and editor based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since she’s the sole person writing this, I’ll now switch to first person.

Some fun, random facts about me:

  • Some of my favorite TV shows ever are (in no particular order): The Golden Girls, Martin, Scandal, Breaking Bad, Sex and the City, The Walking Dead and Living Single.
  • I love watching horror TV shows, but don’t watch many horror movies. Weird.
  • My favorite colors are purple, hot pink and lime green. And speaking of color, I dream in it.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with handbags/purses. And chocolate.
  • I hate coconut.
  • If I could be anybody in the world, past or present, it would be 1990s’ Janet Jackson.
  • The cheetah is my spirit animal.
  • I won’t leave the house without wearing earrings.
  • And, lastly, I often wonder how we found our place in the world without GPS.

For more random facts about me, or if you just want to say hello and tell me how gorgeous I am, feel free to contact me.



Opinions That Matter

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