The Walking Dead: What Does Bob Taste Like?


During the final moments of The Walking Dead’s October 19 episode, “Strangers,” Terminus cannibalistic leader Gareth and part of his equally cannibalistic crew returned. (Yeah, they’re alive. Ugh.) And they clearly brought their appetite—so much so that they clubbed poor Bob, dragged him in the middle of the woods, cut off his leg and barbecued it. And then Gareth proceeded to eat a piece of Bob’s leg right in front of Bob’s face.

Excuse me. I have to vomit.

OK, I’m back.

As grossed out as I was while watching that moment, I couldn’t help but wonder one thing: What does Bob’s leg taste like? Then, to my amusement, the hashtag #WhatBobTastesLike started, and Black Twitter officially had no chill.

Source: AMC

Source: AMC

So, with the help of Twitter, let’s speculate about what Bob tastes like:

The Applebee’s Jack Daniels ribs.

A dream deferred.

The meat at Dollar Tree or Big Lots.

Martin’s mama’s biscuits.


Filet of sole. (I see what they did there.)

Christian Brothers and saltine crackers.

Fried Spam and Old English.

Tear-soaked kisses.

The last slice of bologna that gets hard around the edges.

Candy cigarettes.

Grits … and guilt.

Premature optimism steak.

Desperation. And sadness.

Bacon. Of course.

And, obviously, Bob’s Burgers.

Whatever Bob tastes like, he probably goes well with cornbread and sweet tea. Someone tell the survivors of Terminus that before they sauté another part of Bob.


Source: AMC

Source: AMC, via


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